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East Delta Park
East Delta Park
Location: 10774 N. Union Ct. Latitude: 45.6002
Type of Park: Dedicated Longitude: -122.6765
Fenced? Yes Water Available? No
Small Dog Section? No Size: 1.81 acres
User Rating (1-10): 5.96 (189 votes) Map Of Dog Park: Click Here!
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East Delta Park is a large (5-acre), off-leash area less than a mile from West Delta Park. What distiguishes East Delta Park from its western counterpart is that the area is completely fenced on all sides and thus a better choice for dogs that tend to wander. There are some trees in the middle for shade and a couple of picnic tables, but no poop bags or water provided, so bring your own. IMPORTANT: This park is usually closed during the winter, rainy months due to excessive flooding of much of the park.


10774 N. Union Ct.

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